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Product Categories & Vision

Product Categories

Cutlery: many designs which are classic, unique & luxury which compose of:


(1)          Table knife

(2)          Table fork

(3)          Table spoon

(4)          Steak knife

(5)          Soup spoon

(6)          Dessert knife

(7)          Dessert fork

(8)          Dessert spoon

(9)          Tea knife

(10)      Tea fork

(11)      Tea spoon

(12)      Fruit fork

(13)      Coffee spoon

(14)      Fish knife

(15)      Fish fork

(16)      Spreader.

(17)      Butter knife

(18)      Cheese knife.

(19)      Serving spoon

(20)      Serving fork

(21)      Carving knife

(22)      Carving fork

(23)      Cake knife

(24)      Spatula

(25)      Ladle

(26)      Sugar spoon

(27)       Sauce spoon

(28)       Condiment spoon

(29)       Demitasse spoon

(30)      Ice tea spoon

(31)      Oyster fork

(32)      Chopsticks and rest

(33)      Etc.

Table wares: many designs and sizes for Hotels, restaurants, and home use  which are served all customers’ need :


-          Stainless bowl

-          Stainless basin

-          Stainless plate 

-          Stainless tray

-          Stainless cream & sugar set

-          Stainless condiment set

-          Stainless wine / champagne buckets

-          Stainless shakers

-          Stainless napkin ring

-          Stainless candle holders

-          Stainless water pitcher

-          Stainless cold disc set

-          Stainless hot pot set

-          Stainless food name tag, reserved label, table number label & any stainless labels

-          Buffet stand, Buffet accessory

-          Etc.


Maison des Arts’ cutlery and tableware are made of high quality of stainless steel which will not get rust and not become black.  All are safe in dish washer. We have designed food setting stainless wares for European, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai food and etc. Many chefs, directors of food & beverage, restaurant manager / owners shared their ideas with us to serve their requirement, that make the product range more variety and wider and also to serve their needs.

‘We do hope to share the idea and doing business with you.’

Our products are exported worldwide and sell to customers in many countries such as:

Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam, .and .etc.